About me

Hi! People know me as Liana in this internet world. No, it’s not my real name. I used it for convenience. This way I can go on about my thoughts without having to think of consequences of it.

I am 21 years old Nepali girl who comes from an okayish conservative family. I am a Computer Science student whose sheer bad luck and foolishness caused me to get a degree from a Governmental Indian University and now I come to know is not valid. (Thanks, UGC) (No, I have nothing against India and Indians if you are going to get defensive)

I am that coffeeholic who orders americano to judge the cafe/ restaurant and can make few movies, serials, novels reference and go all sarcastic on you. I like to try out new food (foodie) and take pictures of it ( amature food blogger). I love to read novels and watch movies (and complain about how that was not how it happened in the books). Music is an integral part of my life. I have “me days“, where I treat myself (Yes, I’m single, hit me up! LOL DON’T!) I love long walks and quiet days with my novels. But, also love the bliss of the concerts. I want to travel the world!! (who doesn’t). Just thinking about it, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life.

Let the hashtag talk now!

#Gemini #Potterhead #Introvert #GirlNextDoor #Sherlocked