Quarter-life Crisis or just Adult Stuff?

Two days without a post… Missed me? Now get ready for my confusing thoughts and questions. [Viewer discretion is advised because it’s basically me going on about stuff on my muddled mind]

I’m just so casually sipping Iced Americano, in my favorite cafe and typing away into my laptop, thinking about if maybe I’m not the only one who has got her life figured out. There are people who have a quarter-life crisis, right? I just don’t know how long I’m going to be alive so must be having a continuous crisis.

I hate staying home. I hate going out. Should I continue with my extra coding courses I’m taking, even though I have lost all interest in coding? Should I just take the barista training I wanted to take, even though I might never actually have no use for it? Should I try abroad and work my ass off so that I can get the “independence” I always wanted? Or, should I stay here where I don’t have to pay rent but constantly have to deal with all the family issues and need to ask permissions with everything I want to do?

Why am I just escaping all my problems? Literally running away and ignoring them… I’m doing everything, EVERYTHING I can possibly to not even think about any problems in my life. Can I just keep ignoring them? I don’t know… Can’t I just sleep?

Okay.. So I just looked up from the screen to the barista staring at me… awkward… Was I doing something unusual? I don’t know… Should I ask him? No, enough embarrassment! I should just go back to the novel I was reading before and forget my problems again…

Signing off for now!

Today’s favorite song: Zedd – Papercut (Audio) ft. Troye Sivan

Today’s favorite YouTube video:  Wiggle-Kuroo Tetsurou

PS: Why do I have such conflicting mentality? Tell me everyone goes through this… Was / Is it the same with you? Please let me know!


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