Homemade Iced Tea and Noodles Pancake, anyone?

Hey, guys!

So….. I don’t know what to write about today. When I pressed publish yesterday, I thought I would have so much to write about, I’d have to cut stuff off to not make it boring and long. Now I can think of nothing to write…

So, what did I do today? Hmmm..

Today I read a book called “40 ALTERNATIVES TO COLLEGE” by James Altucher. Why I discovered this book just today, I have no idea! I would have actually skipped college. It was a really intriguing read. Recommended to everyone! (It’s just 51 pages guys! Read a book!) Inspired by the book, I even thought of starting a hobby business. Let’s see if it actually gets executed and I earn some money for a change. (Will keep you updated)

Speaking of money, I thought why not make myself a drink at home rather than going out today. The easiest thing I could try making was Iced Tea. I made some tea, added a bit of vanilla essence and left it to cool off a bit. Then I poured the content into my mason jar and kept it in the freezer. I returned a few hours later to a semi-frozen Iced Tea, which was refreshing by the way!

I also tried a new recipe today. Firstly I prepared soupless instant noodles. While it was cooking, I took an egg in a bowl and whisked it. I added the cooked noodles to the bowl containing the eggs and mixed it. In a non-stick pan, I added some oil and put it on medium heat. I then added the egg noodle mixture to the pan to make a pancake. I flipped it after a few minutes to cook the upper part of it. It did taste like my mom makes it so, I guess I passed 😀

Guess that’s all for today!

Signing off,

Today’s favorite song: Little Mix – No More Sad Songs ft. Machine Gun Kelly

Today’s favorite youtube video:  Zedd | Full Interview

PS: Zedd, if you ever read this, just know I love you and your music ❤


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