Hi? (Title to be changed, maybe)

Hello there!
As I am typing this I don’t even know how you ended up here. Complete randomness? Are you one of my friends? You wouldn’t know! Coz this blog doesn’t even contain my real name! (yes its a fake name I created so I could spill my gut out without thinking much of the consequences. The right to speech? Ya.. In the books I suppose)

If you’re still here, hi again. Thanks for taking some time off your very busy schedules (who am I kidding, you’re here. You don’t have much of a life as much as me) LOL

So this blog is going to be a journal for me. I am going to type away everything on my mind from my happiness to my worries, sorrows, heartbreaks and tensions. I’m so glad at least you wanted to join in 🙂

-Liana (not my real name but, using this because why not)

PS: I’m not an experienced writer. (Hello! I said its going to be my  journal and one doesn’t need to be a professional to post stuff on the internet) I welcome your thoughts in form of comments (because everyone’s got a say in life) and all the things I write are my own thoughts and opinions. (Enlighten me if I am wrong)


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